About Me









Hi, I’m Samantha. My friends call my Ronald.

I am a young, dynamic, creative, buzzword-loving copywriter from Essex, England. I currently reside in Utah and the corners of my own mind.

I got into advertising after working as a secretary for a creative director and then getting pregnant with an account manager’s baby. Wait, that’s the plot of Mad Men. I just studied Communication, enjoyed writing from a young age, and didn’t feel drawn to journalism or novel-writing. (The only book I ever legitimately started writing—at 16—was almost identical to the plot of Divergent, which came out years later. Some people have no respect.)

I’m currently in between bios on Twitter, so you can imagine how stressful writing an “About Me” for my blog is. Potential employers, if you’re reading this, let’s just calm down a bit on the judgment and have a glass of Pimm’s together.

If you want to get to know me, I recommend you lightly stalk me on social media, with a willingness to find certain things endearing and/or pretend you didn’t see them. (I don’t mean drunk selfies and stuff. No, potential employers. You should be more concerned about me staying up late watching YouTube vlogger breakup videos and then feeling too fragile to come into work the next day. CREATIVES, AM I RIGHT?)

You can also e-mail me, ring me, send an owl, or put your message out into the universe and just kind of see what happens.

Don’t eat at Arby’s.