Anxious Girl Defines Herself by Refusing to Define Herself by Anxiety

“My anxiety is something I struggle with on a daily basis, but it doesn’t define me,” declared 20-year-old Katie Whitman boldly to her Facebook friends today. 

Katie’s courageous admission of who she really is (just a girl with anxiety who doesn’t define herself by it) was “liked” by over 20 of her Facebook friends, 18 of whom also suffer from anxiety and depression.

Katie’s anxiety and depression began last year, when a bad breakup and the reality of existing as a self-aware human being who must make decisions and experience negative emotions finally caught up with her. Realizing that she was too far gone for a healthier lifestyle and meditation to make any difference, Katie immediately went to her doctor, who prescribed her Zoloft.

When asked what she was doing to accompany her medication, Katie insisted that her mental state is simply “A trial I will always have to live with that can never ever go away because it’s part of who I am. But it’s not who I am.”

Katie continues to be a fearless trailblazer for the anxious and depressed community. She regularly posts game-changing content about what anxiety feels like from trail blazers like Buzzfeed, and requests that people stop telling her to “just cheer up” (a statement she doesn’t actually hear very often but finds deeply and personally insulting), because she cannot, and will not, but mostly cannot, be comforted.

In her spare time, Katie enjoys social comparison, consumerism, and contemplating the unique challenges she alone has faced in her surburban life thus far.


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