My New Year Resolutions

People say that you should make resolutions specific and quantifiable. Those people are probably the same people who recommend giving up sugar, or owning an 8-items-only capsule wardrobe.

Like everyone else in the world, I’m not good at keeping new year resolutions. That’s because entering a new year doesn’t magically affect one’s willpower or ability to self-discipline. If we care enough about reaching goals, we’ll just do it—not starting Monday or in 2016.

So, this year my resolutions are going to be qualitative. I mostly just want to move further in the directions I want to go, and get better at things I want to be good at, so I’m making my resolutions a list of things I want to focus on. They are:

Organization and not procrastinating 

I bought a Kate Spade planner two months ago and I’m still unorganized, primarily because I’m lazy and I avoid doing stuff I don’t want to do. Let’s hope that I’ll be able to work on that effectively in 2016. No promises. But anything could happen. But don’t expect too much. But hope for the best.


I love YouTube. I watch so many annoying beauty gurus and vloggers it’s embarrassing. There’s just something about watching people go about their daily lives (semi-fakely in front of a camera) that I find fascinating. One of my favorite parts of my day (mostly in winter) is taking a bath and catching up on my YouTube subscriptions.

Also, I love Grace Helbig. She is YouTube/God to me.

I’ve been attempting to make YouTube videos since the summer, but it’s hard, so I’m half-hearted about it. It’s also difficult to determine what the heck people will care about—I find myself caring about the mundane details of Zoe Sugg’s life, but I don’t have 9 million fans like she does. So my struggle is whether to just kind of act like people already care about what I have to say and hope that they eventually do, or make better content, less frequently. I’m kind of riding in the middle right now, as I think I’ve only made about 3 YouTube videos that I think are “good”. (“Good” also being quite a strong word for how I feel about them.)

The nice news is, Connor got me a camera for Christmas, so I’m expecting the quality of my videos to improve. And maybe the entertainment value of my content.

Here’s my channel. Subscribe if you haven’t already and maybe I’ll surprise us all in 2016. Or, I’ll just keep embarrassing myself on the internet. Either way, I’m trying. That’s worth something… right?


I blog for work and for fun, but mostly for work. Freelance blogging is a sweet gig and I highly recommend it if you can put words and sentences together in a variety of styles.

I’m not as great about personal blogging, for the same reason I am hesitant about YouTube sometimes. I hate being that person who assumes people care about what they have to say when they don’t. But like… that’s pretty much all I can hope for as a writer. So I sort of ride that wave too, constantly flitting between wanting to delete everything public I’ve ever said, and wanting to do more to “brand” myself.

We’ll see. I hope to blog more and blog better in 2016. Think “Eli McCann with less hilariousness, but he’s trying, bless him.” Watch this space.

Learning how to be funny/more creative

I’ve realized that most of my favorite comedians studied comedy, usually through improv. I’m not about to join an improv group, but there’s a certain art to being funny that I want to work on. Even things as simple as brainstorming help me to be more creative and produce writing I actually like.

Eating vegan

This is easy for me to do most of the time, but certain events make it difficult. I’m not sure what the solution is, but I can probably try a bit harder.

Mindfulness and Meditation

I don’t think there’s a single person who wouldn’t benefit from meditation, but I still keep neglecting it. You lose out on a lot in life when you’re not mindful, so I want to work on being more “in the moment”, so to speak.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Tweet me @thesamspo.



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