Friday Fancies: Alpha, Delta, Caramel

There is no legitimate reasoning behind the title of this blog post, except for the fact that I was trying to come up with ice cream names at work today and the best idea I had was “Alpha, Delta, Caramel”, aka not useable.

I really need to blog more on this, my personal blog. It’s probably important for my personal brand or whatever. Because the ultimate dream for any copywriter is just living off revenue they make on the internet, right? And everyone can become an entertaining brand just by existing or wearing clothes in front of colored walls, right?

Here are some brief life happenings that I feel like mentioning right now:


1. Clickbait has taken over my mind and heart and I now have dreams of rescuing other kittens from the mouths of bald eagles and other such scenarios. 

I mocked my mother my entire life for loving cats. I also mocked my entire family when they exchanged Christmas presents from cat to cat every year. Now I’m trying to set up a pets-only Secret Santa for the family felines when I fly home to England for the holidays. People change, am I right?

Here’s an important video:


2. There was some really cool lightning last night. 

I made a video of it in slow-mo as a metaphor for the importance of slowing down in life in order to see the beauty in things. Just kidding, I’m not from Portland. I just wanted to generate more ad revenue.


3. I convinced my coworker to start playing music in the office so it would be less kill-yourself-y around here.

I have also began sitting on top of the filing cabinet, lording my limber youthfulness over the rest of the office. You have to do what you can to generate creativity in a drab environment.


4. I became a pretentious prick and got an Apple Watch.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 11.55.20 AM

This is the opening line from an article about the Apple Watch I read today:

“No one is going to buy an Apple Watch just to replace her (much cheaper) fitness tracker, but if you shell out $350+ for Apple’s latest device, it needs to perform better than a Fitbit.”

THE JOKE’S ON YOU, CAITLIN MCGARRY AT MACWORLD.COM, BECAUSE THAT’S EXACTLY WHY I GOT AN APPLE WATCH. And I’m not convinced it’s more useful than my FitBit, but it looks freaking good and I have raised my chances of being robbed, which I view as a huge compliment.






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