Stone Cold Bummer


I have titled the first post of my new blog, “Stone Cold Bummer”, because it’s both my newest favorite phrase, AND probably what I’d call my dramatic play about the immigration situation in America. (Which would of course be a follow up to my first hit screenplay, “I Might As Well Be Colorblind: One Red Coat’s Search For A Green Card”.)

I’ll (maybe) be using this blog to document the exciting adventure that is #SamOnSabbatical—aka my three months of UNPAID leave from my grown-up job, on account of my green card marriage VISA application through a legitimate marriage to an American that is currently being processed. I’m confident I’ll have way too much time on my hands, despite my vow right now to workout every day using Methodoloy X, “the model workout”. (Harder than the resize feature of FaceTune, I can tell you that before I’ve even begun.)

You’ll notice I haven’t designed this blog or anything because UGH making websites look good is hard and I’m sick of it. Also designing something aesthetically appealing just feels like too much of a commitment to be appropriate for my personal ramblings right now.

The image for this blog post was taken on a 15-minute hike today—one we only went on to escape the monotony and endless chips in our apartment.

Today’s life tip: go outside and move more. Also please force me to do that too during the next three months of my unemployment, because I fear how many songs about my fat childhood I’ll write otherwise.


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